3 Easy Steps
Create your website in 3 Easy Steps

To make the process of creating your website as simple as possible, we have developed a simple 3 Step approach, which works every time, ensuring your website is launched quickly and successfully.

Many of our clients have told us how enjoyable and exciting it is to develop their website with VITAL because we care that your website makes you feel inspired about your practice.

All You have to do is choose the package you want and we will do the rest for you. If you need help and advice going through the information please give us a call on 07802 533555.

Step 1
Step 1: Brainstorm it
  • Choose a website address: co.uk, .com, .info, .net, .org.uk, .org
  • We register it. VITAL offers a fast, cost effective service for registering domain names. Just email marek@vitalwebdesign.com, and we'll check that your name is still available and register it for you - we will also brainstorm with you and offer advice on choosing a name.
  • Choose your website package.
Bronze Package
Silver Package
Gold Package
Platinum Package
Step 2
Step 2: Design it
  • Choose your design
  • Choose your sections
  • Supply your content and images
  • Add interactivity

Choose your design

To design the perfect website for you that reflects who you are and your practice we have to find out what is inspires you and get into your heart! What is your vision for you and your practice? What images inspire you? What image do you want to portray- modern, conservative, clean, trendy, warm, cutting edge?

What colours do you like?

Also to help you decide, we are constantly developing new designs/templates which you can view in our gallery of websites. Please choose the website design which resonates most with you, for us to get an idea of what kind of look and feel you would like to incorporate for your website. See gallery. If you like different images from different templates we can create a bespoke template for you at an additional charge. You can also supply your own images/pictures and logo. If you need a logo we can design one for you which you can use on all your literature as well as on your website.

Choose your sections

This is where we create the site structure of the website - the navigation - the names of the buttons. Here are some suggestions - you may wish to put in your own.

  1. About me
  2. About my Treatment
  3. The Consultation
  4. Advice
  5. Latest News
  6. Clinic
  7. Talks and Course
  8. Links
  9. Contact

Supply your content

Now we have everything covered - all you need to do is supply the content. Please supply the content for each of the sections you named above. The content needs to be sent to us electronically. “Top Tip: Get to the point with your content - keep it concise”

Make your site more interactive

Choose special features to make your website more interactive and provide useful services that will benefit your patients.

On line appointmentsOn line appointments

The On line appointment module allows your patients to book appointments on line within your website and allows you to manage your diary effectively. By making it easy to book appointments on line will ensure that you keep your patients and review their remedy reactions more effectively. It’s a great service to your patients because it makes their life easier and the hassle of making appointments over the phone.

E-Commerce shopE-Commerce shop

Some practitioners like to sell their healthcare products on the web. We can provide an ecommerce solution that can integrate with your website. We can also provide a link to Pay Pal so people can buy your products on-line increasing your business.


The e-Newsletter is a great way to provide your latest information to your patients and prospective patients. The way it works is that people sign up to receive a regular newsletter via there email. You then can create using simple forms your own newsletter which is sent out to all the subscribers emails at the press of one button. The newsletter manager stores people’s emails so makes your life easy. It's a great way to build strong relationships with your patients ensuring you maximise your promotions and a good way to provide timely advice - be proactive and keep your patients through the e-Newsletter.

Feedback FormFeedback Form

We can build a feedback form linked directly to your email address which allows easy contact from current or prospective patients

On-line enquiry formOn-line enquiry form

Have your pre-consultation form on the website which the patient can fill in and send directly to your email so you have an electronic copy ready for the consultation. A copy is also emailed back to the patient.

Web StatisticsWeb Statistics

Subscriptions to our website stats will allow you access to a series of screens displaying comprehensive visitor statistics, including total hits within specific time frames, which pages are most popular, referrals from hyperlinks from other sites, what search string visitors are using in the search engine to find the site.

Step 3
Step 3: Love it
  • We build it
  • We promote it
  • We support it

We build it

We build your website WITH GREAT LOVING CARE using the latest code and to Accessibility standards.

We promote it

At VITAL we realise its not enough just to have a beautifully designed website- you need prospective clients/patients to be able to find you on the web.

All our sites are optimised for search engines so that you get listed and start attracting the clients you deserve. We also register your web address with all the top search engines ensuring maximum exposure.

Make sure that you link up with as many websites as you can as this helps your search engine listing (Please note we cannot guarantee that you will get listed due to the nature of search engines procedures). However we have been very successful in getting our VITAL practitioners listed very highly in Google- see our examples.

See some real life examples

And remember to put your web address on all your stationary and patient leaflets and any events that you may do.

We support it

“VITAL's aim is to provide you with the best possible products and the best possible support.”

Our dedicated support team has gained an excellent reputation throughout the industry in providing comprehensive after-care for the websites you purchase.

We have developed a dedicated on-line Support System for our clients to ensure a fast turnaround of any updates that are needed or technical support issues.

Any more questions?

Feel free to visit our dedicated Frequently Asked Questions section.