“At VITAL we realise its not enough just to have a beautifully designed website - you need prospective clients/patients to be able to find you on the web”

What we are good at is taking your ideas and creating attractive and effective online websites and offline materials that engage with your potential clients to buy from you.

online marketing

Online Marketing

VITAL with it's partners specialises in online marketing, promoting your website through search engine optimisation, Google Pay per click campaigns and email marketing.

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Search Engine Optimisation →

All our sites are optimised for search engines so that you get listed and start attracting the clients you deserve. We also register your web address with all the top search engines ensuring maximum exposure.

We have been very successful in getting our VITAL clients listed very highly on Google - see our Success Stories

Keyword FINDER →

In order for your website to become successful, people have to be able to find it by typing search phrases or ‘keywords’ into search engines such as Google. A website which mirrors these search phrases has a better chance of coming up in the search results…

Identifying the most popular search phrases for your audience allows you to optimize your search results by strategically placing the most relevant keywords throughout your web pages.

Our VITAL KEYWORD FINDER service allows You to do that… Find out more on How we can Help Your site Grow

Pay Per Click

Our PPC service delivers traffic to web sites by securing high positions in the Pay Per Click section of Google (and if appropriate, other search engines such as ones within the Yahoo Group).

Email Marketing →

Email has become an incredibly essential form of business communication. The key for your website is to collect people's emails that use your website - you can then keep in touch with them for FREE, for weeks, months and years ahead - building relationships and converting them into clients… read more of how we can help you grow your practice through email.

Social Media →

Social media is allowing people to connect more easily, strengthening loyalty and trust between you and your clients. It’s all about building relationships.

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