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If you have been putting off having a website because you feel daunted by it all and think it is very expensive, then please talk to us the experts and specialists in web design for Holistic Practitioners / Therapists and we will take you through in easy steps how to launch your practice on the web. We have done it time and time again with practitioners at all levels.

This amazing testimonial from one of our practitioners sums everything up of what we are saying - click here to read it

Why Have a website? - Let our Practitioners tell you!


Since starting my practice in 2002 I have used all sorts of methods for attracting new clients. However, everything changed once I had a website built. It has definitely been the most successful marketing tool for my business and I would not be without it. Siobhan Juson,

Read our practitioners success stories here to see how you can reVITALISE Your Practice through Your New VITAL website.
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Your UNIQUE Website

Your website design will be totally individualised to You and will reflect your vision, your essence and your inspiration.

Our experience has shown us that practitioners depending on their needs, require 4 types of websites which we have packaged as Bronze Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Included in all packages is DESIGN, HOSTING, EMAIL, DOMAINS, TECHNICAL SUPPORT and updates to your web pages. If you would like to see more websites please go to our gallery

We can offer advice and help on which website package is right for you and your practice and best suits your needs. Call us now on .

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VITAL’s Holistic Approach to web design - One Stop for All Your Internet Marketing Needs

We provide a Holistic Marketing Approach to your practice and come up with initiatives that are going to grow your practice through your website. The difference with VITAL is that we are specialists in the Holistic Complementary market place and we understand your needs in attracting new clients.

We will guide you every step of the way and work together with You to Make Your website a Success.

What 4 Key Elements are needed to Create a Successful website?

I feel that these are the 4 Main Elements that need to be incorporated into Your website to make Your website a Success.

What 4 Key Elements are needed to Create a Successful website?

What our Holistic VITAL website service includes for You are the major 4 Elements that will make your website a success:

  1. Full analysis of your current business and Your Vision where you want to go with it. Defining the brief and scoping out your website.
  2. Create a beautiful, inspiring website that is focussed and sells the benefits of what you do to prospective clients. We are the only web company in the holistic marketplace that designs websites using Divine Proportion Principles and Accessibility standards
  3. Optimise your website for search engines: make it search engine friendly so people can find you easily in the locations you cover-this is crucial.
  4. Evaluate, nurture, support and keep the site up to date to ensure it's growth- we keep in touch with you regularly and provide top marketing tips that convert users into clients and prospective clients of tomorrow- so you can create a thriving business and evolve.
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Read this amazing testimonial from our client Pam Hemming, Homeopath


I was very nervous of taking the first steps into cyber space but I knew it was the next thing that I needed to do in order to develop my business as a homeopath.

The process of building my website gave me an invaluable journey of personal growth. Even the initial step of committing to doing it had an energetic effect on my practice and before the site was live, I was getting more interest from new clients.

It was an affirmation to myself that I feel passionately about homeopathy and my work and the website strengthens my credibility.

This is all so exciting and I am delighted with the end result.

People that have been invited to take a look are very complementary about the website and words like 'fantastic', 'professional', 'you must be proud', 'easy to navigate', 'beautiful colour', are bouncing back at me at great speed.

I want to thank VITAL web design for your time and patience in working with me in building my website.

The end result is fantastic and meets my very high expectations. I feel very proud to have such a smart looking website 'out there'.

What I really liked about working with you is that you listened to what I had to say; worked with the vision I had and realised my dream.

I have no hesitation in recommending Vital Web Design to other homeopaths, or any alternative practitioner for that matter.

Thank you for making this journey such a fruitful and pleasing one.” Pam Hemming, Norwich Homeopath »