VITAL Email Capture - Capturing Potential Clients Emails

Capturing everyone’s email address that comes into contact with your business is crucial to one day converting them into clients.

Email is a great way to contact people for Free, for years to come and build your relationship with them.

You can provide them with useful information - free articles - special offers - share news or just thank them for their business!

Website strategies have changed in now websites prime objectives is to capture visitors email addresses.

For people to leave their details you need to offer them something in exchange that is valuable to them and something they are interested in.

Here is an example:

Join Our Free “Stay Healthy” newsletter which will give you free health tips and we’ll send you a Free Report – “Five Top Homeopathic Remedies you need to take on holiday this summer.”

So how do we do it?

We place a nicely designed button on your website with a simple form on it for people to leave their name and email. When they submit their details you will receive an email with their details which you can then store on your email client.

Here are some examples:

Sophia Tayler

Magical New Beginnings

Nutri Foods

To order Email Capture please email Marek on

VITAL Email Newsletters

Once you have built up your client’s and potential clients, you need to keep in regular contact and one way is to send them Electronic Newsletters.

These can be done simply through your email client or you can get one designed and attach it as a PDF or word document.

Another more advanced way is to use our specialised Newsletter software, VITAL News.

  • It allows you to create beautiful templates that reflect your website and brand
  • Store all your emails in one place
  • Collects emails of people subscribing from your website
  • Manages people unsubscribing
  • Once you send a newsletter you can monitor who has opened them and who has visited your website from your newsletter and which pages they viewed.

This allows follow up opportunities to people you know are interested.

Here is a cropped / shortened example of one of our newsletters:

Newsletter example

Please email to find out more about VITAL News